Howdy. Cotonoha is Paul McCann's Natural Language Processing consultancy based in Tokyo.


Some of my services:

Classification and Information Extraction: Have more bug reports, fact sheets, or other documents than you can read? I can help you sort them into piles and add helpful labels to reduce or eliminate your workload.

NLP Pipeline Support: Have the data you need, but it's in incompatible or hard to process formats? I can build a system to work with your existing technology and make your life easier.

Japanese NLP Support: Whether you're trying to add Japanese support to an existing system or already have a Japanese system but are having issues, I can help. Getting rid of mojibake, tokenization issues, or dealing with hyouki-yure (orthographic variation) are all basic tasks that affect any system. Depending on your application support for improving autocompletion, automatically adding furigana, or other tasks may be helpful.

Contact me here. ❧